Library Director Job Description

The Petersburgh Public Library is accepting applications for the position of Library Director. The Library Director works under the general direction of the Library Board of Trustees and is responsible for day-to-day operations of the library.

The Board is seeking an energetic and creative person with administrative experience.  Library experience will be a considered a plus. The position requires a two year college degree or equivalent.

This is a part-time position working twenty-six hour per week with a starting salary of $24,000 per annum.

The position will start August 5, 2019.

Please send a cover letter, resume and the names and contact information for three professional references by the submission deadline of July 8th. Submissions via US mail should be addressed to JOB SEARCH, Petersburgh Public Library, PO Box 250, Petersburgh, NY 12138. Submissions via email should be sent to

Detailed job description:

Petersburgh Public Library seeks a team leader who can work together with an experienced staff, the library board, the Town of Petersburgh, and local community groups to make sure that the library understands and meets the needs of the Petersburgh and surrounding communities now and in the future.

The library is part of the Upper Hudson Library System, a cooperative association of twenty-nine public libraries working together to improve library service for the 446,626 residents of Albany and Rensselaer Counties. UHLS coordinates programs and activities to assist and complement the resources and efforts of its member libraries. It offers a variety of consultant services, works to improve library and information services through a shared automation system, operates a daily delivery service, and provides outreach services to underserved populations.

Front Desk Duties:

  • Provide assistance to support staff as needed with the following tasks:
    • Sign in and out library materials for over-the-desk patrons
    • Make copies and send faxes for patrons
    • Answer telephone questions
    • Shelve returned materials
    • Assist patrons in looking up materials or finding materials they need
    • Assist patrons making interlibrary loan requests as needed
    • Assist patrons in use of computer equipment
    • Sending books, audios and videos to other libraries on interlibrary loan
    • Route-in UHLS circulating collections of books, videos, audios, and other items and return them to UHLS
    • Sign up new borrowers for library cards and process into the library computer system
    • Receive and log payment for services and late fees
    • Provide basic information about the library’s genealogical collection
  • Support ongoing public relations programs, either in-house or ones that are part of UHLS initiatives
  • Enforce library policies as set forth by the Library Board
  • Mediate difficult situations with patrons that staff members are unable to resolve

“Front End” Administration Duties (items that relate to the public face of the library):

  • Check daily email on all accounts and respond to it as necessary
  • Manage library web page maintenance and updating as necessary
  • Manage social media publicity of library programs, events, closings, and other postings that keep our social media accounts interesting and relevant so that the community continues to reference it
  • Make physical flyers or posters and distribute throughout extended area to publicize programs as needed for those in the community that do not have internet access
  • Publish in Eastwick Press to publicize programs and events on a weekly basis
  • Produce library portion of the Town Newsletter on a quarterly basis
  • Reviewing and purchasing of new books, audios, DVDs, and supplies that are appropriate to our patrons interests and needs while balancing with our book budget
  • Determine items to be weeded from collection as necessary and time permits
  • Oversee intake of donated materials such as books, DVDs etc. to determine what should be kept for our collections, what can be sold for profit on online sale sites, what should be sent to the porch book sale, and what should be recycled/trashed.
  • Oversee sales of items online, shipments, payments, etc. (hands-on activities currently performed by the assistant director and staff)
  • Keep computers and other technology in working order with the assistance of UHLS tech services
  • Supervise library employees and volunteers
  • Hire and train additional library employees as necessary

“Back End” Administration Duties (items that are financial or large-scale projects):

  • Planning and coordination of the Summer Reading Program
  • Planning and coordinating special community programming, both special events and existing ongoing programs
  • Planning and coordination of our part of any special UHLS-driven initiatives planned for the entire 29 library association
  • Coordinate Storytime program
  • Writing requests/letters for donations and grants in support of our Summer Reading Program
  • Seek and pursue any additional grant opportunities when they become available as time permits
  • Write supporting letters for UHLS grants and do necessary work associated with implementing received grants
  • Maintain daily reports on library expenses, purchases, etc. for budgeting purposes
  • Prepare monthly reports on financial standings for presentation to library board
  • Verify on an occasional basis that our records coordinate with the Town’s financial records
  • Report to NYS and or/Federal Government documentation regarding Non-Profit Status
  • Management of Ebay and B&N seller accounts and associated PayPal account
  • Monthly financial report for the Library Board of Trustees – compiling statistics and petty cash figures, etc.
  • Attend monthly board meeting and give Director’s Report outlining items that should be brought to the board’s attention
  • Work in conjunction with the board to develop and grow the goals and budgeting of the library
  • Work in conjunction with the board to develop the yearly budget request from the Town of Petersburgh and present our request to the town for consideration and approval
  • Work in conjunction with the board to develop and update Library Policies and make them known and available to the public via hard copy and online.
  • Represent the library and its interests at the Town Board meetings, either by attending personally or by coordinating with a library board member to attend, particularly throughout the yearly budget process
  • Attend UHLS meetings – Directors’ Meetings (1st Fri of Month, 9-12 pm), Youth Services (2nd Fri of Month, 9-1 pm), any additional meetings as required to comply with UHLS programs
  • Compile and complete all reports as required by UHLS including the NYS Annual Report, narrative report, report on the summer reading program, etc.
  • Stay informed of all necessary information provided by UHLS regarding library services in NYS and use the information as required and as applies to Petersburgh Public Library

Duties performed together with the Library Board of Trustees:

  • Put together large grants that are time intensive (ie: NYS Construction Grants)
  • Research and purchase necessary items such as computers, copiers, library cards, supplies, etc.
  • Identify and repair problems with the physical library building, grounds, and equipment, and maintain those items that are currently in place.