Job Description

Petersburgh Public Library Director

While library is open:

• Sign in and out library materials
• Make copies and send faxes for patrons
• Answer telephone questions
• Shelve new materials and Upper Hudson materials
• Assist patrons in looking up materials or finding materials they are looking for
• Assist patrons making interlibrary loan requests as needed
• Assist patrons in use of computers
• Sign up new borrowers for library cards
• Maintain active public relations program
• Carry out library policies

When the library is not open: (or as time permits when the library is open)

• Reading reviews and ordering and/or purchasing new books, audios, videos supplies
• Processing new books, audios, videos and donated materials so they can be signed out
• Weeding collection as needed and time permits
• Investigating information for purchases such as computers, copiers, library cards, etc.
• Attempt to keep computers and other technology in working order
• Identify and resolve potential problems with the physical library building

• Planning story hour programs as time permits (currently done by volunteers 95% of the time)
• Overseeing plans for the summer reading program

• Sending overdue notices after checking on the computer and on the shelves to make sure materials have not been returned (currently being done by the assistant)
• Completing borrower registration information for new patrons on the computer
• Check email and respond to it
• Hire and supervise library staff
• Training and working with volunteers
• Training and working with court referrals when they are sent to us

• Monthly report for the board – compiling statistics and petty cash figures, etc.
• Attend monthly board meeting and give report
• Work in conjunction with the board to develop and grow the goals and budgeting of the library
• Represent the library and its interests at the Town Board meetings, either by attending personally or by coordinating with a library board member to attend.

• Attend UHLS meetings
• Sending books, audios and videos to other libraries on interlibrary loan
• Route-in UHLS books, videos, and audios and return them to UHLS
• Reports as required by UHLS including the annual report, narrative report, report on the summer reading program, etc.

• Oversee library web page maintenance (currently maintained by assistant director)
• Maintaining social media as time permits
• Make posters to publicize programs as needed
• Publish in Eastwick Press to publicize programs as needed
• Produce and distribute Library Newsletter on a minimum quarterly basis (currently done bi-monthly)

• Pursue grant opportunities when they become available as time permits
• Write supporting letters for UHLS grants and do necessary work associated with implementing received grants
• Coordinating and implementing grants such as for the summer program

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